- eg basir has a radio station- he teaches at probably the number 1 social law college in north east- of course still trying to likin many others- by accident george soros most successful education movement in usa is focused on same challenges/region but one has to slowly build linkages as he's in his 90's  in this virus-fear driven world
best chris  bethesda md+1 240 316 8157
part 2
dear basir please send out a zoom invitation today for tuesday afternoon to give enough notice that people get us into their diary
could the theme be catalogue co-creativity experiments brooklyn is doing to value under 30s in covid era which other multicultural communities could join up with
something like that-
i expect to do about 5 zooms in next 10 days on this sort of theme as i am trying to follow up many cases but my zoom time constrained to 40 minutes so great if you can start with a longer one and if eg some of your radio station interns included- that way we know there energy included from start up- ditto social justice school
two cases were inspired by france's cultural center in new york in last 10 days -it has understood brooklyn is usa's most pluralistic lab - at least that french people in usa can help rise from 20 years of community destruction that big digital and fear gov has brought to this nation - i wonder if there are other ny cultural centers are doing as radical bridging with youth & zoom as france
1 ask design students to zoom across new york and paris challenges and emergency design solutions - for example a paris-ny team of 20 year olds took problem of quaratining for any brooklyn family where 6 people sleep in same room
2 while not specific to covid- the french cultural center has been celebrating schools with dual language programs showing these bridge cultures- it turns out brooklyn has more lead cases than anywhere in the nation- and what parents and principals have to do to get permission is so intense that having achieved the format is a huge change for the community of the school
because bard has more school experiments in brookyn-queens than anywhere there must be a way to include more and more brooklyn development issues if we can get zooming now
in 2015 we did 6 months clarifying top 10 burning issues of medgar evers students - fortunately these were closely mirrored by a michael moore film which 200 students premiered - i will send you list of clippings - eg given it costs more to send someone to jail than university why does usa send more youth per jail than any nation, and many times more black youth-times are a changing - when i attended annual chinese american summit in dc 2017 and asked why not get chinese and black youth to help each other in community building i was shouted down by most of the chinese elders- yesterday the same group said they stand with black america's pain- when i have time i will work out which of these elders are using this for pr and which have turned a new leaf
best chris +1 240 316 8157
i am only 2 weeks into absorbing this wonderful idea- can we linkin - some ideas been celebrating youth connections in brooklyn for decade - love to see brooklyn as a world class benchmark for bilingual education- believe this closely links with open society movements in education also epicentred in brooklyn and new york- mu daughter just graduated in french college par md taking education ma- do you already have contacts in maryland chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk www.economistfuture.com www.zoomuni.net
ps leave politics out of it - moore he's been on amazingly human stories - eg on how drugs trapped an jailed black youth over decades- his 2015 movie had a fun idea touring world for 20 examples of doing something in a pro-youth way that america does the opposite to
sadly and i have seen at least 20 hbuc presidents do this because my family sponsored over 30000 dollars of student competitions only to find the states concerned did not get behind winning youth- black colleges are about pension comforts of their staff not the youth they are supposed to empower- not that white colleges in usa value youth as anything more than a debt trap but at least that's a tangibly understood crisis
open space following up getting a premier for 200 students of michael moores 2015 film Michael Moore on Where to Invade Next: Reel Pieces with Annette Ins...
twitter listb1
Many people in America suffer discrimination, but the African American experience is unique. For centuries, Black people were enslaved and forced to endure conditions worse than inhuman. Where slavery ended, mass incarceration began: to this day, one of the most notorious southern plantations, Angola, remains one of the country’s most brutal prison camps. Where generous federal housing subsidies created a white middle class, Black Americans were expressly excluded, instead crowded into neighborhoods where they were denied credit, starved of public investment and subject to financial predators — and to a large extent still are. The enduring legacy of this unconscionable history is reflected in the fact that, despite progress in closing education and employment gaps, the typical Black household remains almost ten times poorer than the typical white household.
1. Defend civil rights.
Basic freedoms are a prerequisite for realizing one’s potential. Black Americans cannot fully participate in society if they are disproportionately incarcerated, politically disenfranchised and subject to systematic discrimination.
As mayor of New York City, Mike  recognizes that he made mistakes: most notably, an over-reliance on the policing strategy known as stop-and-frisk, which -- in an effort to reduce gun violence -- ended up disproportionately targeting and traumatizing people of color. As president, Mike will demonstrate that he can learn from his mistakes and do a better job for all Americans. This will start by defending their civil rights. He will:
● Support the creation of a commission to study reparations for Black Americans, with the aim of developing actionable policies.
● Reinvigorate the civil rights division of the Justice Department, and reorient it toward defending the rights of protected groups.
● Shed greater light on discriminatory practices by requiring transparency. For example:
○ Support SEC rulemakings to make companies report on hiring, pay and procurement by
race and other characteristics.
○ Collect the data needed to monitor racial bias in consumer and business lending.
● Enforce HUD rules, such as Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, that tie federal funding to progress in reducing segregation.
● Support legislation to limit mandatory arbitration agreements, so employees have the power to take employers to court for discrimination and harassment.
● Require all federal institutions and contractors
much more attached - curricula of bloomberguni.com

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World Health Organization, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland 1 WHO. Coronavirus disease (COVID-2019) situation reports.  2 WHO. WHO Director-General’s opening remarks at the mission briefing on COVID-19. Feb 19, 2020. https://www.who.int/dg/speeches/detail/whodirector-general-s-openin... (accessed Feb 19, 2020). 3 WHO. National capacities review tool for a novel coronavirus (nCoV). 2020. https://www.who.int/publications-detail/national-capacities-review-... (accessed Feb 19, 2020). 4 WHO. World experts and funders set priorities for COVID-19 research. Feb 12, 2020. https://www.who.int/news-room/detail/12-02-2020-worldexperts-and-fu... (accessed Feb 19, 2020). 5 WHO. Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV). March 11, 2019. https://www.who.int/en/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/middle-east-res... (accessed Feb 19, 2020). 6 The Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Emergency Response Epidemiology Team. Vital surveillances: the epidemiological characteristics of an outbreak of 2019 novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19)—China, 2020. China CDC Weekly 2020. http://weekly.chinacdc.cn/en/article/id/e53946e2-c6c4-41e9-9a9b-fea... (accessed Feb 19, 2020). 7 Global Preparedness Monitoring Board. Flagship report. 2019. https://apps. who.int/gpmb/flagship_report.html (accessed Feb 19, 2020). 8 WHO. WHO, China leaders discuss next steps in battle against coronavirus outbreak. Jan 28, 2020. https://www.who.int/news-room/detail/28-01-2020-who-china-leaders-d...).

x#scarymask http://economisthealth.com If you buy an expensive face mask & uncomfortable, buy cheaper one. In every day situations greatest risk is when you fiddle with mask cos its uncomfy. If your hands not cleaned that's when the virus is most likely to enter your nose or mouth.

If you are a medical expert and want sign an opposite instruction please add to the comments, I am not a doctor but i try to report observational common sense -take care of how you behave if you cant explain public health advice in a way that an 11 year old practices chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk bethesda md

If you are an everyday person help us improve this twitter list of experinced people in everyday situations


from economistyouth.com- whether your thing is health peace happiness freedom to eucate not just make noise jobs its relevant to question what shakespeare hoped english language speakers would contribute to sustaining mother earth

example opening of macbeth story of place led by psycopath first man and woman- when will we 3 meetagian?

  did shakespeare mean that while it takes 2 to tango it takes 3 to : generate , to map, to play? which roles should daughter mother and father exchange through ages of loving each other

Hathaway began leading Union Baptist Church in 2004 as assistant pastor. Similar to the process currently being used, he was in that position for more than two years before stepping into the role of lead pastor in 2007. 

He has an earned Ph.D. and during his time as pastor he has fortified programs and partnerships throughout the city with a focus on civil rights, healthy families, education and equal employment opportunities. 

He strengthened the partnership with DRU Mondawmin Healthy Families and bolstered the church’s Head Start Program, which began in 1970. He has also advocated for equal hiring practices regarding major development projects in Baltimore City.

His work to eliminate health and education disparities has landed him on the board of directors for multiple entities and institutions, including the University of Maryland Medical Campus, and the Family League of Baltimore. Hathaway has also been integral in the success of the Promise Heights programming in Baltimore. The organization handles grants from the U.S. Department of Education’s Promise Neighborhood initiative and provides wrap around services to students at multiple Baltimore City Public Schools.

Over the years, Hathaway has proven that he is a pastor not afraid of changing times. Long before the coronavirus pandemic highlighted the digital divide, Hathaway took action to improve access to internet and digital devices. His move to open up a cyber center more than a decade ago is the type of innovation that keeps him in shape to serve. 

“It’s important to change with the times,” said Hathaway’s mentor, Rev. Alfred Corrigan D. Vaughn, pastor of Sharon Baptist Church. “Al has alw

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-deming - systems can only co,pound one aim - is yours goal 1 end poverty or what






rsvp your nomination chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

co-blog Legatum change the world conference has been announced for 10 May 
MIT remains the most revolutionary space youth can study in usa- it celebrates open education; it houses the father of the web tim berners lee; a square mile walk from kendall metro is the most futuristic imagination tour I know of in the west (though I would love to join in celebrating any square mile tour you recommend for changing the world) 

and through Legatum it hosts annual conferences by the digital wizards who first brought mobile telecoms to the world poorest village mothers and their communities with the greatest sustainability crises; I guess but I dont know that the most futuristic square mile tour in the middle east is located in Dubai (the twin capital of Legatum with Boston)

hottest youth-spring question of our life and times-can online education end youth unemployment for ever ? yes but only if you help map how!




Yunus Boston Commencement speech


2010s most exciting job creation survey?


Yunus invites sustainability world trades with china

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